About Watertight Leak Detection

Leak Detection:

To be the preferred and most trusted customer port of call for stopping precious water losses in Gauteng.

Mission Statement
For the domestic and commercial property owner/tenant Watertight Leak Detection is the specialist leak detection company that will efficiently and reliably solve any water loss problems saving customers money and saving our scares water resource.

Pipe Relining

To be the first thought of pipe Rehabilitation Company that do not dig up or destroy when conveniently, efficiently and non-destructively solve broken and / or leaking sewer pipe lines.

Mission Statement
For the corporate and commercial property owners or tenants, Watertight Leak Detection is the suitable pipe relining company in Gauteng that ensures a complete NO DIG solution to your deteriorated & damaged pipes. We don’t cause any further damage to the substrate or integrity of any structure with our unique cure-in-place epoxy. This epoxy is a structural lining, restoring the pipe to a better than new condition.

Since our inception in 2006 we’ve strived to bring the best leak detection and plumbing services to the greater Gauteng area. We started small but, as our customer base grew, we expanded and today we are one of the leading businesses in leak detection and general plumbing repairs.

Our services are considered to be some of the best in the industry and our customers continue to sing our praises which, in turn, brings us even more customers. We use the latest technologies in leak detection, pipe location and mapping, as well as pipe relining. Many old houses, especially those built in the 1960’s and 70’s, have old ceramic plumbing and, after a while, these pipes can crack and spring leaks.

Pipe Relining is the easier and cheaper alternative to replacing pipes, but Watertight Leak Detection can still replace the pipes, should it be the better solution. We also specialise in a variety of general plumbing repairs like geyser repair, replacing pressure release valves, fitting drip trays and much more.