Need To Fix A Leak? Come To Watertight Leak Detection & Pipe Relining!

At Watertight specialise in leak detection for pipes, swimming pools and more.

Before we can fix a leak, we need to determine through leak detection where the leak is situated.

Pipelines corrode over a period of time and form pit holes or cracks causing water leaks in your pressurized systems. These leaks won’t go away unless attended to by a professional company like Watertight Leak Detection. We will complete a thorough leak detection process to determine the exact location of the leak, which is not always visible to the naked eye.

Then we will begin to fix the leak.

Watertight Leak Detection & Pipe Relining is an industry leader in non-invasive, accurate leak detection and pipe relining services. Established in 2006, Watertight Leak Detection has loyal teams of professionally qualified technicians and plumbers who can inspect, diagnose, assess damage and solve any water leaks, broken pipes, geysers, plumbing or other water related problems.

We service the commercial, industrial, corporate, municipal and residential complex sectors.

So if you need us to fix a leak, don’t wait, contact the experts at Watertight Leak Detection & Pipe Relining Today!