Internal Pipe Lining System & Solutions

If you have never heard of internal pipe lining, it is a process used to repair old, leaky plumbing pipes by leaving the pipe structure in place and coating the interior of the pipes with an epoxy coating.

If you have older plumbing in your home combined with corrosion and/or leaks, internal pipe lining can help you in several ways:
  • It saves a great deal of money over replacing your entire plumbing system.
  • Your daily activities are not interrupted.
  • We won't tear up your landscaping or your home or building.
  • Water flow will be greatly improved.
  • Your pipes will be “better than new”

Benefits of Pipe Lining

Are all Pipe Relining Solutions the same?

In a word NO! There are many pipe relining solutions available that haven't been fully tested and engineered for a guaranteed life. These can fail, meaning you then need to go through the process again.

At watertight we use the best pipe relining solutions you get.

Pipe lining, for small to medium drains & sewers

For small to medium pipe relining, we use the best Pipe Relining system. This is an ideal system for most domestic and commercial drain and sewer relining as it will handle multiple bends and small changes in pipe diameter.

Using trenchless technology means we can also repair your pipes without needing to dig them up.

Need pipe relining around Gauteng?

Watertight are pipe relining specialists. We have invested in the latest “No Dig' technology to ensure you get the best possible solution. Contact our team today for the most affordable prices.