Pipe Rehabilitation

Watertight Leak Detection and Pipe Relining is long standing plumbing and leak detection company established in 2006. We provide top quality service with greatest client satisfaction in our industry, we strive to become the most trusted pipe rehabilitation company. With our high standards our team is qualified and registered with the Plumbing Institute Registration Board (PIRB) and Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA).

Since the start of our company we offered quality service with great results. We only use the latest water leak detection technology giving us the ability to detect leaks without breaking open a wall or destroy your driveway and giving us the ability to rehabilitate your pipes and have your problem solved in no time.

What is Pipe rehabilitation?

Pipe rehabilitation is a no-dig technology that doesn't require any digging to repair damages drains, sewers and pipes. It's the most effective method and our people is highly trained and qualified to make this difficult task a breeze.

How does it work?

First, the problem is located through leak detection equipment and CCTV cameras. Then the lining is inserted into the pipe and secured with resin to help it bind to the pipe. A CCTV camera is sent into the pipe to see if the resin has cured. This proses is wrinkle free and can be used at 90 degree bends and more.

Why use pipe rehabilitation?

In the past the only method of repairing a broke pipe was to dig it up and replace the section that's broken. Digging up a pipe creates a disruption to your home or business, not even to speak about restoring your property and landscape. Digging up a pipe can be time consuming and cause you a lot of hassles and problems that's why we use our no-dig technology, as it is quick, easy and cost effective.

We invite you to contact us for more information on our pipe rehabilitation services.