The Ins And Outs Of Pipe Relining

When it comes to our homes and gardens there's nothing worse than damaged and blocked drains. Damaged drains, pipes, and lines can derail your utilities and have a lasting negative affect on your garden.

If you have had drain damage identified in your garden or around your property it's important to get it fixed, especially if you have a large or decorative lawn. For too long people have relied on messy, costly, and damaging excavation to fix their piping problem where – in reality – there is a much quicker, cleaner way to enhance and improve your plumbing.

Pipe relining is a cutting-edge technological solution for all your drain and sewer rehabilitation needs.

A Pipe Within A Pipe?!

Imagine having a clock that doesn't tick because of one broken part. You don't want to replace the clock because of something so small but pulling it apart and repairing it will be a long and costly process. Wouldn't it be great if you could send something inside the clock, like a little repairman, to do the work for you? That's the sort of innovation that you get with pipe relining!

Whether it's for storm water drains or sewers, household pipes or other damaged plumbing, pipe relining is a permanent solution for your blocked and damaged plumbing.

Pipe relining avoids all the damage and the digging involved in traditional excavation by going inside the pipes themselves. Pipe relining involves sending a clever epoxy lining – that's your little repairman – inside your existing pipes. This lining will spread throughout the sides of your pipe, forming a new shape.

This effectively creates a new pipe within a pipe, giving you all the structural benefits of the original and the great perks of a brand new pipe without having to displace your dirt through digging.

If you live in Gauteng and you have blocked drains or damaged pipes, don't reach for the shovel and don't call the excavators.